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Why Tigar

Overall benefits for both parents and kids

When choosing a children’s fitness center, it is critical that you select a program that has:

  • A brain-based, academically and physically proven curriculum
  • Certified instructors, all with comprehensive training
  • Constantly innovating lesson planning;
  • Assessment-based instruction so you know what your child is learning and how well your child is progressing in the program
  • Extensive background checks
  • A safe, clean, state of the art facility
  • Cameras covering all areas of the facility, recording at all times
  • Health merchandise and healthy snack and drink options offered in our boutique shop
  • TIGAR has all this, and more

Benefits of Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a fun, energizing, and powerful sport requiring skills of coordination, balance, agility, and grace. Some experts say that the greatest benefits of gymnastics training for children are both physical and mental development. Physically, gymnastics takes a lot of power, determination, agility, and balance. Mentally, gymnastics requires poise, confidence, concentration, and perseverance. Gymnastics training is not only a tool to learn new athletic skills and gain confidence, but also teaches children skills that they can use for life!

Health & Exercise

A unique activity that combines physical, mental and emotional faculties that strengthens coordination, memorization, and goal setting.

Balanced Body & Mind

Fosters spatial awareness and body control. Increased motor development, laterality and neural activity found in jumping and spinning facilitates learning in developing brains.

Self Image

Provides strength training and a great workout that keeps athletes healthy and fit, as well as maintaining a positive attitude and self esteem.

It's Fun!

Includes many aspects of sports and activities including dancing, tumbling, and learning a routine.

Team Building

Forms strong relationships among members, developing life skills such as trust, hard work and the benefits of working toward a common goal.

Academic Achievement

Studies have shown that organized sports activities help children develop and improve cognitive skills.

Our Staff

We have positive, educated, caring coaches. We carefully select and train our staff to ensure that they mirror our commitment to children, our mission and philosophy. Our coaching team uses positive coaching and motivational techniques to promote enjoyment of the activities we offer, and to promote self-confidence in children, rewarding perseverance over success.

TIGAR has been such a positive environment, encouraging kids to work hard but have fun as well. There is something for everyone from recreational to top level competitive gymnastics. They have a variety of other programs as well for many interests and levels of skill. Best of all it is run with a high level of professionalism with respect not only for staff but athletes and parents as well. TIGAR is the best!!! TIGAR Mom

Always Available

We would love to help you understand the TIGAR difference and are always available to help you find the perfect activity for your child!