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Who We Are

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Our Philosophy

Beth Deasy, owner and operator of TIGAR, believes that the greatest wish we can have for children is that they become adults who love who they are and what they do. Helping to develop such self-knowledge and passion for life in young children requires a delicate balance of nurturing and education.

To this end, our TIGAR facility and staff  have been positioned to offer children  an organized, structured, and highly supervised venue for parent-accompanied or non-parent-accompanied physical recreation in a dedicated, professional, and safe environment. Our pre-school programs offer children the opportunity to socialize with other children and supervising adults while focused on organized recreational challenges , translating to physical, mental, and character-building skill-sets designed to increase coordination, learning, and communication.


  • Any child can achieve their dream.
  • Any child can be nurtured towards leave their own legacy.
  • The healthful, mindful and emotional benefits of TIGAR’s activity-based learning is something increasingly missing from schooling and education can be considered incomplete without it.
  • TIGAR’s activity-based learning bridges the gap that todays education system leaves such as that on which TIGAR’s lessons are based, is increasing missing from schools – we believe education is not complete without it.

As the owner of TIGAR Gymnastics & Cheer, it is my top priority to ensure that all of the children who call TIGAR home for their athletic training are safe and protected from harm.


TIGAR’s three foundational principles — each represents a scratch mark in our logo:

  • Fun with Safety
  • Integrity with Accountability
  • Growth
Expertise Through Experience

Coaches & Staff

Our vast experience in gymnastics and cheer, together with our learned knowledge has shown us that building healthy, strong, poised and fit bodies in children, helps build smart, goal-achieving individuals who exhibit all the characteristics of a healthy spirit, such as confidence, decision-making ability, self-esteem, ability to follow instruction and perseverance.

We are expanding our brain-based program lessons in our state of the art facility to ensure we have programs to suit every child for this reason, because we are sure that there are like-minded parents out there who follow the same credo.

For these forward-thinking parents, we offer your child an expanding and constantly- innovating program to fill the gap of the ever-diminishing physical element of school and aspire to develop in your children, together with you, all the healthful, mindful and character building benefits of physical fitness and skill.

General Manager

Andi Nakata

Director of Business Operations

Brooke Thede

Athletic Director and USAG Coach

Kristin Ratzlaff

USASF Cheer Coach

Kaitlyn Laverriere

Safe Sport & Child Advocate

Cara Jakab

Member Services Representative

Hope Grudle

Member Services Representative

Rachel Rosenow

Pre-team and Recreational Coach

Hannah Duvall

Recreational Coach

Kayla Labate

Rec Coach & Events Member

Sarah Haban

Rec Coach & Events Member

Tristin Pieper

Rec Coach & Events Member

Ali Helton

Rec Coach & Events Member

Emily Miller

Rec Coach & Events Member

Tessa Grudle

Parkour Coach

Amil Vranic

Marketing & Volunteer Program manager

Stephanie Hooper

Recreational Staff

TIGAR’s recreational gymnastics lessons focus on the fundamental principles of learning gymnastics skills in a safe and structured environment. Our recreational staff are trained to help kids learn confidence, goal setting, teamwork, and above all have fun.

Parent Review

My daughter LOVES TIGAR cheer! She has been on the team for 2.5 years, starting when she was 5 and still can’t wait to go to practice, camps, and competitions. It is her home away from home and I would not want her to be anywhere else! The comaraderie and friendships among the girls are fantastic. She looks up to the older girls as mentors and has special friendships with the girls her age. Cheer keeps her very active and promotes a healthy lifestyle and activity, as well as, exposing her to healthy and fun competition. TIGAR is a great place to her to let out her energy and have lots of fun!
Kristin (TIGAR Cheer Mom)

Our Promise To You

Seven Safety Guarantees


All of our coaches are subject to a number of background checks and investigations, including a private and thorough U.S. background check for any criminal or civil matters, as well as the mandatory USAG/USASF background checks.


We have security cameras installed throughout our facility which record 24 hours per day, to help keep athletes safe and provide constant oversight of our coaches, visitors and athletes.


No coaches are permitted to give private lessons or work with athletes when they are alone in the gym. At least two staff members must be present in the gym at all times during any training offered to children.


We do not have closed door rooms at TIGAR – other than our public restrooms, all rooms and training areas are open to the public and do not have doors or locks on them.


We have on site, daily and nightly owner presence. I am at the gym during morning, afternoon and evening practices, and I make a point to monitor the activities in the gym.


TIGAR always allows parent viewing during practices and private lessons. We do not employ “closed door” practices for any reason.


Staff are trained on how to identify warning signs of child abuse and neglect, and athletes are also trained on how to protect themselves. We are a proud supporter of the USAG Clubs Care Campaign.

Safety First Policies

Always Current

State of the Art Facility

TIGAR Gymnastics and Cheer is the newest, most innovative training facility in Colorado. No expense was spared to develop a safe, clean, state of the art gym for our TIGAR athletes and their families!

For our athletes

  • 18,000 square feet of training area
  • Tumble Traks
  • Foam Pits
  • AAI Equipment
  • Ballet and Yoga studio

For our parents

  • Free Wifi
  • Parent Observation Areas
  • Snack and Beverage Vending
  • Pro Shop

For everyone

  • Daily cleaning and sanitizing of mats and equipment
  • Cubbies/Lockers
  • Friendly and available staff
  • Continual video monitoring

Safe Sport & Child Advocate

Cara Jakab

Our priority is the safety of your athlete. We adhere to the Safe Sport guidelines set forth by USAG. Consistent with the mission of USA Gymnastics,1 the welfare of gymnastics participants, especially minors, is of paramount concern. When any member – gymnast, participant, coach, official, volunteer or staff member – is subjected to or engages in abuse or misconduct, it undermines the mission of USA Gymnastics and is inconsistent with the best interests of the sport of gymnastics and of the gymnasts USA Gymnastics serves.

USA Gymnastics is committed to promoting a safe environment for its members, gymnasts, participants, coaches, officials, volunteers and staff in all gymnastics disciplines. USA Gymnastics has developed and adopted this policy to set forth the efforts it will undertake to promote a safe gymnastics environment, both solely and in partnership with other necessary parties, including member clubs, parents, gymnasts, the gymnastics community, and the U.S. Center for SafeSport (‘Center’).

Gymnastics participants must promote a safe, misconduct-free environment for members, gymnasts, participants, coaches, officials, volunteers and staff in all gymnastics disciplines.