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TIGAR offers teams that compete at various levels in the USAG Women’s Development and XCEL Programs, and USASF Cheer Programs for all.

Team Gymnastics

  • Levels XCEL JO Compulsory JO Optionals JO Elite/TOPS/Hopes
  • Commitment 4+ hours weekly 4-20 hours weekly 20+ hours weekly 25+ hours weekly
  • Intensity

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  • Cost $ $$ $$$ $$$$

Women's Development Program

Our Women’s Development Program offers competitive teams whose focus is to master the fundamentals while adding elements that showcase their strengths. This track is geared toward the athlete that is 100% committed to gymnastics due to its time and financial demands. Additionally, many athletes on this track have aspirations of collegiate level gymnastics.

XCEL Team Gymnastics

Our XCEL team is a competitive girls gymnastics team whose focus is on athlete longevity and family flexibility. This program aligns perfectly with families and athletes who wish to have a lower cost and time investment, have long term goals such as competing on high school gymnastics team and whose children wish to have more flexibility with their schedule and other extracurricular activities.

Team Cheerleading

TIGAR offers this competitive team sport that incorporates skills from other disciplines such as dance, gymnastics, and acrobats. Cheerleaders train year round to perfect a choreographed routine and compete in specific divisions split by age and difficulty levels 1 through 5. Each athlete is an integral part of the team and trained to develop their individual skills to reach maximum potential. Training for new seasons begin in May and continue through April of the following year. Throughout the season cheerleaders build trust and friendship with their teammates in an environment that is challenging, dynamic and fun.