Safety Policies

Principles of Safety

We Put Children First

We put the needs of children first when we design and administer our program. We continually strive to promote the physical, social, emotional, intellectual and moral development of each athlete.

We Have Fun

Gymnastics is Fun! Enjoyment through sports enhances the lives of children, providing lasting memories and friendships. These friendships are especially strong in a training program where groups of children learn new skills, work through challenges, and experience competition together. Athletes are far more likely to stay in a rigorous training program and continue to progress when they are enjoying themselves with friends. The number one reason children quit gymnastics—or any other sport—is because they are no longer having fun. Please try to allow your child to participate in the many events and team building opportunities we offer at TIGAR, because doing so will help establish strong bonds and friendships to help make the difficult workout days easier.

We Promote A Healthy Lifestyle

We will forever encourage our athletes to maintain a healthy diet, participate in outside forms of fitness, and we remain committed to helping them develop a base of strength, flexibility and endurance that they can carry with them throughout their lives. Gymnastics is the basis of all sports—we help develop skills that are monumentally beneficial not just for gymnastics, but for life.

We Pursue Excellence With Honor

We pledge to teach children sportsmanship and to never place winning above teamwork. Our emphasis is on effort, improvement and trying your personal best. In any competitive sport, it is easy for all parties involved to get caught up in scores and winning. We promise to never make our workouts about winning, but instead teach our athletes to make and set goals and to always strive for their personal best. We will do everything in our power to build strong, consistent, healthy, competitive athletes without getting lost in the obsession of only training champions. We take immense pride in training emotionally happy, healthy children who can win with honor.

We Develop Good Character And Teach Positive Life Skills

Lessons at TIGAR extend  beyond  the  gym.  We actively  seek  to  instill positive character traits and values in our students, using the framework of Character Counts! We teach and foster positive life skills and attitudes, including self-‐discipline, courage, and perseverance, empathy, and team spirit. When our students are done turning cartwheels, they will have established a base of life skills that will assist them through their non-‐flipping years. In short, we measure our success not by the number of trophies on the wall, but rather by what each athlete can take with them once they leave the sport of gymnastics.

We Communicate With Our Families And Treat Them With Respect

We vow to always be open to listening to new perspectives and to make adjustments whenever we feel it is in the best interest of the child and the gym community. We will always make ourselves available to any and all questions regarding our training program and the competitive process. Your input will be solicited and considered to help us improve upon our foundation and build a stronger program for our athletes.

We Serve Not Only Our Athletes, But Families As Well

We are not just a gymnastics training facility—we are a family service organization. We want all of our families to be comfortable and feel welcome at TIGAR. A large lobby, two viewing areas, and complimentary wireless internet are just a few ways that we cater to the needs of our families.

We Encourage Healthy Parent Participation

We encourage parents to play a constructive role in their child’s training, however we also understand that you are paying tuition for professional coaches to train and develop your daughter in the best manner possible. We have found that children involved in team gymnastics learn best with optimal focus on their coaches, and therefore we support the widespread belief that parent viewing of practices should be minimal. At the same time, we invite you to pop in on occasion to watch your child progress and enjoy their training at TIGAR.   We will also offer parent “share” days, where our team athletes will perform routines for parents to observe and understand the growth and development achieved. We believe that a healthy balance is achievable between parent advocacy and support of the process of learning gymnastics with your daughter’s coaches.  We invite you to participate in our many parent and family events, and will offer periodic TIGAR Den Parent Symposiums designed to help you understand and plan for your child’s progress and goals in this sport. It can be dangerous and damaging for a parent to coach a child from the sidelines, as the parent may not understand the progress or skills being worked on, and may suggest that a child do something that is unsafe or unexpected, and the coach may not be able to adjust properly. Parent participation also is a distraction to other participants, and may cause interference with training, and result in injury. For this reason, parent participation during practices is not permitted, and parents may be asked to refrain or remove themselves from the gym.  Our security cameras, front desk and support personnel and other measures provide for multiple ways for your child to receive proper supervision in your absence.

We Treasure The Opportunity To Work With Each Child

Finally, we recognize that every child is special and we are honored that you have entrusted us with your most precious gift. It is our goal to make each child, regardless of age or ability, feel special each and every day that they train with us. We firmly believe that every child should walk out of our gym feeling better about themselves and their teammates.  The nature of the sport, however, necessitates that coaches learn how to best motivate each athlete, which may differ from child to child, and mandate that different approaches be taken to provide the motivation and encouragement that works best for each athlete.

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