Our Transportation Services

TIGAR Gymnastics and Cheer provides transportation services Monday through Friday to local elementary and middle schools in our exclusive and safe TIGAR bus. We pick up athletes directly from school and take him/her to our newly renovated gym, so you don’t have to rush home from work to pick up your child to drive them.

TIGAR Gymnastics Bus TransportationThe athlete gets to their program on time, gets to participate in a sport they love and you get to pick them up after class is over without the stress of worrying if your actually going to get home on time to get them to where they need to go.

Bus Routes from Elementary Schools:

Maple Grove, West Woods, Faith Bible, Fairmount, Prospect Valley

Bus Routes from Middle and High Schools:

Compass Montessori, Mountain Phoenix, Manning Middle School


   1 day per week:  $28/month
   2 days per week: $56/month
   3 days per week: $82/month
   4 days per week: $108/month
   5 days per week: $133/month


Need Child Care before practice?

TIGAR Gymnastics and Cheer also offers an after school fitness program called Cub Club, for those athletes who need child care prior to attending a gymnastics or cheer class. This after school program is designed to keep kids healthy by giving them physical fitness training in areas of cardiovascular, core, and strength training! Children can stay in the camp for the entire duration or they can come for just an hour or two until their class starts or when parents can come get them. Cub Club will be for siblings, friends and those participating in both recreational and team programs. We will offer “wrap around” care for team children who are waiting more than 10 minutes for their practice to begin. We offer drop-in, daily, and weekly rates. Transportation from schools to TIGAR is an additional cost.

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